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Combo Class 1 &2

This is a fun introductory class that will introduce young children to dance. Students will learn basic terminology and steps, with an emphasis on musicality and enhancing fine motor skills.

Dress Code: Any color leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet slippers and black patent tap shoes. Hair must be secured off of face.


Pre-Ballet / Jazz

This is a combination class introducing students to ballet and jazz technique. Basic jazz steps and choreography will be taught as well as foundations of ballet. 

Dress Code: Any color leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet slippers. Tan or black lace up jazz shoes are optional. Hair must be secured off of face.


Ballet classes focus on building strength, poise, proper body alignment, turnout and extension. Ballet is the basis of all dance disciplines! 

Dress Code: Black leotard, pink ballet tights and pink ballet slippers. Hair must be secured back in a bun.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop combines jazz, street and funk styles in a high energy class developing technique, self-confidence and stage performance.

Dress Code: Any style dance clothing, sweatpants, jazz shoes or sneakers.


Jazz is an energetic class that includes stretching, cardiovascular warm up along with progressions across the floor and jazz combinations.

Dress Code: Form fitting dance clothes like leotards, boy shorts, tank tops, jazz pants etc. Black or tan jazz shoes .


Lyrical class tells a story through dance and combines ballet, modern and jazz technique, with a strong emphasis on control, balance, flexibility and extension. Previous ballet training is highly recommended. 

Dress Code: Any color leotard, boy shorts, form fitting tops. Jazz shoes, foot thongs or bare feet are acceptable.


Tap class is designed to develop rhythm and sound coordination skills in an upbeat, fun class.

Dress Code: Any color leotard, boy shorts, dance capris or jazz pants (as long as feet are visible). No baggy clothing. Any style tap shoes.