Team Infusion Commitment Overview

(ages 9-up)

Required Classes

2 Technique/3 Ballet/1 Stretch/Tap Tech (for dancers in a tap group)

Optional Classes: Tap Tech, 2nd Stretch Class, Pointe Class

Master Classes: Where: Infusion Dance When: Varies/4-5 per year.

Cost: $15-$30

Hip Hop Workshop

Where: Infusion Dance

When: October or November

Cost: $80-$90

2 Conventions

Where: Varies/Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis.

When: October or November (no groups competing) | February or March (groups competing)

Cost: Convention/$230-$250

Competition Group Fees/$45-$50


3 Regionals

Where: 2 in Columbus |  1 in Dayton/Cincy

When: March, April and May

Cost: Group Fees/$45-$50


1 National

Where: Sandusky/Driving Distance

When: Early to Mid-July

Cost: Group Fees/$55-$60